Aufbau Zelon
Einstiegstür Zelon

Solid body

  • All-steel body
  • The upper part can be folded down
  • Vehicle can be parked in lower buildings
  • More stability and safe guiding of ropes to secure loaded material by means of body brackets


Easy access

  • Convenient access door
  • Folding ladder
  • Ladder galvanised
Zelon, Ausladung

Optimum filling degree

  • Load-protection bars prevent the fodder from overflowing
  • Optional automatic charging system
  • Almost infinitely variable pre setting of filling degree
  • When the loaded material presses against the feelers of the automatic charging system, the transport floor starts to run


Zelon, Dosierwalze
Zelon, Dosieraggregat
Zelon, Heckklappe

Solid tailgate

  • Wide opening option for quick discharge
  • With integrated pressure switch for level indicator


Effective dosing drums

  • Option
  • Dosing unit with 2 standard beaters
  • Equipped with aggressive ripping tines
  • Optionally available with 3 beaters for more homogeneous discharge on the silo
Zelon, Holzboden


Wooden floor

Even feed due to:

  • U-shaped cross
  • High-strength transport floor chains with a diameter of 10 mm and a breaking load of 13 t per chain