Einstiegstür GV 02
Giga-Vitesse Einsatz 1

Solid body

  • All-steel body
  • Continuous side panels with reinforced side posts provide stability


Easy access

  • Convenient six-foot access door
  • Folding ladder
  • Ladder galvanised for long service life
Ladegatter GV 02
Ladegatter 2 GV 02

Front panel

  • Upper part of front panel hydraulically folding as an option
  • Fully fledged transport vehicle in forage harvesting


Optimum filling degree

  • Load-protection bars prevent the fodder from overflowing
  • Standard automatic charging system
  • Presetting of filling degree possible
  • Deflected feelers start the transport floor


Dosierwalzen GV 02
Dosierwalzen 2 GV 02

Solid tailgate

  • With mechanical locking mechanism
  • Wide opening for quick discharge possible
  • With integrated pressure switch for level indicator (on wagons without dosing unit)


Effective beaters

  • Optional
  • Dosing unit with 3 standard beaters
  • Equipped with aggressive ripping tines
Stahlboden GV 02
Holzboden Giga-Vitesse


Wooden floor

  • 11 mm strong, high-strength round steel chains with a breaking load of 15 t each
  • Screwed with handy profile strips with U-shaped cross-section


Galvanised steel floor

  • In combination with low-wear plate-link chainsn
  • Transport floor chains welded with robust square pipes
  • Chains are separately tensioned
  • Long service life due to screwed wearing rails