MS-Streuer Einsatz

MS-Spreader – The all-rounder

With the screwed all-steel trough now being powder-coated, the MS spreader models are a perfect complement to the Strautmann spreader portfolio.

  • MS 801 - 1401
  • 8 - 15 t GVWR
  • 2 spreading unit options
  • Safe in use and robust
MS-Streuer Breitstreuwerk
MS-Streuer 4-Walzen

Spreading units

4-beater spreading unit

  • Standard for all MS spreader models
  • Spreading widths between 6-8 m due to fan-shaped spreading tines

2-disc wide-angle spreading unit

  • Optional extra
  • Spreading beaters crush the spreading material and feed it to the discs
  • Due to adjustable throwshovels, spreading widths of up to 21 m are reached
MS-Streuer Holzboden
MS-Streuer Kunststoffboden


Spreader trough

  • All-steel trough
  • KTL-powder-coated
  • 250 mm compost extension available as an optional extra
  • Easy increase of volume for light spreading materials

Robust transport floor

MS 801/901:

  • Standard wooden floor
  • 4 x 10 mm strong transport floor chain
  • Optional plastic floor

MS 1201/1401:

  • Standard plastic floor
  • 4 x 13 mm strong transport floor chains
  • Roof profiles on the transport floor strips ensure a clean transport of fine-grained spreading materials
MS-Streuer Einzelachse
MS Tandemachse


Single axle

  • Favourable price-performance ratio
  • Easy towing, in particular with large tyres
  • High load

Tandem axle

  • Reduced ground pressure in combination with wide tyres
  • Protection of ground
  • Robust 4-spring chassis with comfortable driving characteristics
MS-Streuer Direktanschluss
E-Control light MS-Streuer
E-Control MS-Streuer

Operating options

Direct connection

  • Standard
  • All functions are switched via the tractor control valve
  • Flexibly adjustable by means of telescopic bracket

E-control light  

  • Operation of hydraulic functions via direct tractor connection  
  • Adjustment of transport floor speed via rotary potentiometer  
  • Speed monitoring with transport floor stop
  • Switching on and off of work lights

E - Control

  • Comfortable operation of hydraulic functions via toggle switches
  • Adjustment of transport floor speed via rotary potentiometer
  • Speed monitoring with transport floor stop

Transported loads counter

  • As a supplement to direct connection and easy-to-use control
  • Transported loads  and working hours are counted (erasable)


Technical Data
Typ   MS 1201
with tyres 710/50 R 26,5
MS 1401
with tyres 560/45 R 22,5




m 2,61 2,51
Height m 3,45 3,30
Loading height m 2,48 2,33
Tare weight  
with 4-beater spreading unit from kg 4.600 4.900
with 2-disc spreading unit from kg 5.000 5.300
Gross vehicle weight rating  
with high drawbar


12.000 14.000
with low drawbar kg 13.000 15.000
Power requirement kW / PS 74/100 74/100
Container dimensions (inside)  
Length m 5,32 5,32
Length up to slurry door m 4,92 4,92
Width m 1,80 1,80
Height of platform panels m 0,95 0,95
Volume 12,0 12,0

Volume up to slurry door

m 11,0 11,0

Spreader unit channel

m 1,25 1,25
Slurry door channel m 1,25 1,25