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Magnon 8 - Enormous loading capacity with compact design

The Magnon series is known for high harvesting performance and is impressive at the silo with high unloading speeds thanks to the proven swivelling front wall. This makes this forage wagon generation unrivalled in terms of throughput and impact. The Magnon 8 now brings these advantages in a compact design.


  • 3 models with 36, 40 and 44 m³ load volume
  • Cutting length of 35 mm
  • Well-known Continuous Flow loading unit
  • Flex-Load Pick-up
 Flex-Load Pick-up
Kunststoffzinken RGB

Unique - The Flex-Load pick-up

Minimum wear and optimum adaptation to ground due to the innovative Flex-Load pick-up with plastic tines




Magnon CFS

Continuous Flow System

- the system for efficient charging

Due to the interaction of different components, the Continuous Flow System ensures excellent performance with little power required. Pick-up, Continuous Flow roller, rotor and Exact-Cut cutting unit are ideally matched to each other and complement each other perfectly. This results not only in excellent silage quality but also in easy towing, thus saving power, money and time. Technical modifications reserved.




Magnon Rotor 2
Robuster Integralrotor

Rotor and cutting unit

- High loading capacity and best forage quality

  • 2.10 m total width with 8 tine rows
  • Spiral-shaped conveyor tines
  • Wide swathes are compactly conveyed to the conveyor duct
  • Standard 44 knives with two cutting edges each for double service life
  • Cutting length of 35 mm



Aufbau und Boden

Superstructure & floor

  • Solid all-steel superstructure
  • Hydraulically swivelled front panel
  • Easy access
  • Optimum filling degree
  • Steel floor
  • Practical maize plate



Magnon Nachlauflenkachse
Magnon Tandem-Fahrwerk
Magnon hydraulisches Tridemfahrwerk


Different chassis options ensure optimum driving comfort and safety at any time:

  • Boogie tandem chassis as standard
  • Hydraulic tandem chassis
  • Hydraulic tridem chassis
  • Passive steering axle
  • Mechanical & Electronic forced steering axle



Magnon Smart 570


  • Intuitive and comfortable ISOBUS Operation via tractor terminal as standard
  • right-hand terminal Smart 570 as an option
  • 5.7" coloured screen
  • Optimum control of the charging and discharging process and safe road travel
  • Numerous automatic functions ensuring intuitive and comfortable machine operation


Technical Data

Technical Data


Magnon 8-370 without DO / with DO

Magnon 8-410 without DO/ with DO  Magnon 8-450 without DO/ with DO

Dimensions (tyres 710/50 R 26,5)

Length m 9,25


Outside wheel width     m 2,81 2,81


Heigth     m 3,90 3,90 3,90
Cargo space dimensions      
Heigth     m 2,08 2,08 2,08
Height with attachment m 2,17 2,17 2,17
Width     m 2,25 2,25 2,25
Length     m 6,52 7,17 7,80
Loading capacity  
Loading capacity according to DIN [m³] 36 40 44
Loading capacity, medium compression [m³] 67 74 81
Tare weight  
Tare weight from [kg] 10.100 10.700 11.300
Gross vehicle weight rating   
Gross vehicle weight rating standard [kg] 22.000 22.000 24.000
Gross vehicle weight rating optional      [kg] 24.000 24.000 31.000
Power requirement  
Power required from   110 kW / 150 HP 125 kW / 170 HP 140 kW / 190 HP
Additional data  
Conveying unit type       Rotor Rotor Rotor
Picking-up width of pick-up     m 2,25 2,25 2,25
Number of knives     pcs 44 44 44
Theoretical cutting length     mm 35 35 35