Boogie-Tandem-Fahrwerk GV 02

Boogie tandem chassis

  • Standard
  • Chassis with parabolic suspension for an admissible axle load of 18 t
  • Large pendulum radius of axles
Hydraulisches Tandem-Fahrwerk

Hydraulic tandem chassis

  • Standard for Giga-Vitesse 4401/02, optional for 4001/02
  • For an admissible axle load of 20 t
  • Improved driving comfort at high speeds
  • Even load distribution onto all wheels
  • Optional suspension for perfect driving characteristics


Nachlauflenkachse GV

Passive steering axle

  • Standard
  • Excessive friction of the wheels on the ground is prevented
  • Protection of sward
Elektronische Zwangslenkung TV

Electronic forced steering axle

  • Optional 
  • The SES system („Strautmann Electronic Steering“) provides a high degree of driving stability
  • Adjustment of steering angle to the speed
  • Excellent manoeuvrability of the Giga-Vitesse CFS