Dreiseitenkipper SZK Aufsatz
Dreiseitenkipper SZK Aufsatz 2

Body models

Select from a wide range of side panel combinations to adapt the size of your tipping trailer to your needs:


  Basic side panel Intermediate attachment Hinged attachment
SZK 802 - 1402 500 mm  / 600 mm 500 mm  / 600 mm 500 mm  / 600 mm
SZK 1802  800 mm - 600 mm  / 800 mm



Silage attachment with hydr. back panel

  • Hydraulic back panel opening

  • Top front panel as grille

  • Stronger tilting cylinder

  • Detachable back panel frame, side panels can be hung into the usual stanchions

  • Standard end stanchions for basic side panel & 1st attachment can be stored at the frame

Planenaufbau 2
Planenaufbau 3
Planenaufbau 1


For safe and dry transport without any losses, the Strautmann tipping trailers can be equipped with a tarpaulin and triangles in combination with a platform at the front.

  • Folding central pole
  • Tarpaulin can be rewound, with stowing option on the side
Kipper Aufsattzkonzept

Flexibility for large transport quantities

The Strautmann body design for the largest tandem and doubleaxle tipping trailers offers you a multitude of combinations - e.g. the installation of wooden side panels. The platform is identical for all models and can thus be flexibly used. A wooden body can therefore be used just as vertically divided or continuous steel side panels.





Why wooden side panels?

  • No freezing of loaded material in case of frost

  • Gentle transport of delicate bulk materials (e.g. potatoes)

  • Low dead weight for high payloads

  • Extremely weather-proof due to coating


Side panel combinations with wooden body
  Continuous Horizontally divided
SZK 1802-H 1500 mm 830 mm / 670 mm


Kipper Portaltüren
Kipper Portaltüren 2
Kipper Portaltüren Dichtung

Wooden side panels, body


The basic equipment includes:

  • Continuous side panels on both sides at top level

  • Rubber seal at the side panels for transport without any losses


We additionally offer you:

  • Side portal doors or horizontally divided side panels

  • Tarpaulin

  • Trailer hitch for the second vehicle

Kipper Portaltüren 2

Portal doors for easy charging

  • Opening to both sides and detachable centre stake
  • Easy charging by means of a forklift
  • Portal doors can also be used as swinging side panels
  • Ideal dimensions for transporting pallets
Dreiseitenkipper Bordwandhebefedern

Side panel lifting springs

  • Available on request
  • Easier side panel opening
  • Pivotable to avoid damage
  • Easy removal if necessary
Dreiseitenkipper Abdichtsystem

Sealing system

  • On the interior of the inserted stanchions and the fixed stanchions
  • High accuracy of fit; adjustable at any time
  • Transport of rape and more without any losses
Dreiseitenkipper Bordwandentriegelung

Side panel unlocking mechanism

  • In central position on the left-hand side, on the right-hand side and at the back panel
Dreiseitenkipper Kornauslauf

Grain discharge

  • Standard

  • Hand lever mountable at any time on the righthand or left-hand side

  • Standard discharge extension, detachable without use of tools, with support at the frame

Dreiseitenkipper Eckrungen

Inserted end

  • Increased stability during tilting

  • Variable removal and opening options

  • All stanchions with long-lever locks for easy and safe opening and closing

  • In case of detached stanchions use as a platform

Dreiseitenkipper Bordwandschrägstellstützen

Side panel tilting supports

  • Optional for hanging up

  • For transporting bales

  • Incl. elbow chains for high stability