Tine bars & cutting unit

Ambion, 4 Schwingen
Ambion, 5 Förderschwingen

Tine bars

Four tine bars (standard)

  • Particularly gentle
  • Ideal for hay and light materials

Five tine bars (optional)

  • High harvesting performance
  • Durable
Ambion, Pick-up


  • Galvanised pick-up of 1.8 m in width
  • Flexible for good adaptation to the ground
  • 5 tine rows, cam-track controlled
  • Guide roller in front of the baffle plate for optimum material flow
Ambion, Schneidwerk
Ambion, Schneidwerk 1

Cutting unit

  • Standard equipment with 6 knives (Theoretical cutting length of 240 mm)
  • 19 knives (theoretical cutting length of 80 mm) or 37 knives (theoretical cutting length of 40 mm) as optional equipment
  • Additional knives are hydraulically extended
  • Knife change without use of tools
  • Individual knife protection system