Discharge options

Verti-Mix SF, Querförderband

Crossover Conveyor

  • Front crossover conveyor

  • Rear crossover conveyor (Ideal for feed alleys)


Verti-Mix SF, Querförderband Seitenverschiebung RGB

Cross conveyor with side shift

  • side shift as an option

  • for better filling of feeding troughs

Verti-Mix SF, Querförderband PVC Verlängerungsband

Cross conveyor with extendable PVC conveyor

  • Enables dosing into elevated feeding troughs  
Verti-Mix SF, Austragsschieber PVC-Austrageband

Side discharge with PVC conveyor

  • For distribution into dosing feeders and high troughs


Verti-Mix SF, Austrag hinten rechts links

Rear discharge behind the wheels left or right

  • Rear discharge via discharge door
  •  Simultaneous discharge on both sides   possible 
Verti-Mix SF, Austrag hinten links
Verti-Mix SF, Austrag hinten links  RGB

Discharge at the rear lateral left or right side

Austrag hinten mittig

Rear centre discharge

  • For central fodder discharge on the feeding table
  • Ideal for the dosing of premixtures in silo units