Rotor & cutting unit

Rotor Zelon
Rotorantrieb Zelon

Powerful & gentle

  • Feeder rotor with 5 tine rows
  • Helically arranged
  • Consistent torque without peaks


Rotor drive

  • Robust & low-maintenance
  • Rotor drive via open gear
  • With grease lubrication
Messerbalken Zelon
Zinken Zelon

Extremely sleek for convincing results

  • 32-knife Double-Cut cutting unit
  • Doubled service life due to easy turning-over of knives
  • Cutting length of 44 mm
  • Knife change without use of tools
  • Knife bar can be hydraulically swivelled out

Perfectly adapted to exact cutting

  • Strippers and tines are arranged at a large angle to each other
  • Careful handling of fodder and saving of energy
  • Welded-on tine plates ensure permanent precise cut