Verti-Mix 400 / 500 / 70

Verti-Mix 400/500, Einsatz
Verti-Mix 400/500, Freisteller

Verti-Mix 400 / 500 - The Starter Modell

  • Usable mixing capacity of 4,0 or 5,0 m³
  • Low-wear design
  • Gentle fodder Treatment
  • 10-35 cows per container filling
  • Power required from 24 HP (18 kW)
Vario2 Mischschnecke

The Vario² mixing auger in stepped flight design – Variability and strength for any Purpose

Due to the patented knife adjustment system, the Vario² mixing auger in stepped flight design can be perfectly adapted to your specific conditions of use. The robust and low-maintenance  angular gear ensures a long service life even under challenging conditions.


  • Low power requirement
  • Optimum fodder structure
  • Homogeneous mixing
  • Energy-saving short mixing times 



Verti-Mix 400/500, Aufsatz

You want your business to grow – Your Verti-Mix adapts to your growing needs

The additionial attatchement of 150 mm (option) enables you to adapt the capacity of the mixing container to your operational requirements.

• Mounted by the manufacturer or available as a retrofit kit
• Increases the mixing capacity

    Verti-Mix 70 Austrag

    Discharge Options - adapted to your Enterprise



    Bedienung Schlepperdirektanschluß
    Bedienung Bowdenzug
    Bedienung Elektrobedienung
    Wiegeeinrichtung PTM HL 50

    Operating and weighing - Take your choice

    Strautmann responds to individual customer demands also with regard to the kind of operating device. The selection of the operating option depends on the user‘s requirements.



    Technical Data

    Technical Data

    Type   Verti-Mix 400 Verti-Mix 500


    Length m 3,62


    Height m 1,92 2,18
    Width with one-sided discharge m 1,79 1,79
    Width with two-sided discharge m 1,88 1,88
    Outside wheel width m 1,62 1,62
    Discharge height m 0,58 0,58
    Distance Centre of drawbar lug - Centre of axle m 3,25 3,25
    Tare weight  
    with two discharge doors from kg 1.660 1.700
    Gross Vehicle weight rating  
    Gross Vehicle weight rating kg 3.000 3.000
    Towbar load kg 850 1.000
    Power requirement HP 24 31
    Volume 4 5
    Wheel track mm 1.350 1.350
    Thickness of container wall mm 6 6
    Bottom  plate mm 12 12
    Length of container inside Dimension with attachment m 2,36 2,52
    Length of container inside Dimension without attachment m 2,50 2,66